Three Ways to Look Younger Now

helpful tips Post-ItWant to take years off your appearance without taking drastic measures or emptying your bank account? Here are three easy tips you can use to turn back the clock. Restore some of your youthful appearance effortlessly. I’m talking about anti-aging tools that work instantly and cost you nothing. Interested?

Regain a bit of your youthful appearance by trying these tips:            

Tip 1. The least flattering lights in your home could be your ceiling lights. Light streaming from above your head accentuates jowls and wrinkles. It casts unflattering shadows. Add side lighting to minimize exaggerated effects and provide more even distribution. Try using floor lamps or sconces around the room. Take advantage of ambient light from windows. Soft light hitting your face from several angles lets you put your best face forward.

Tip 2. If your mother was like mine, she told you a hundred times to stand up straight. The older you get, the more important good posture becomes. Years of living can cause the best of us to slouch. Try this: Stand in front of a mirror and turn to the side. Stand erect with your shoulders back and head held high. Note your silhouette. Now, drop your shoulders forward and droop the way you might while shopping at the end of a long day. Notice how your back is more rounded, your breasts are lower, and your belly is more pronounced. You look years older. So stand (and sit) tall.

Tip 3. Nothing brightens a face like a smile. You’re more attractive and will find people respond more positively to you. And a smile helps lift your mood. When you smile, it signals the release of “feel good” chemicals like endorphins. Endorphins relax your body, lower blood pressure and act as a natural pain reliever. They also decrease the stress in your body. You’ll not only look better, you will feel better, too. Put on a smile right now and be more vibrant—inside and out.

There you have it, three simple things you can do to look younger right away. But wait, there’s more. As you apply these tips you will look and feel better, which can lead to a more positive self-image. Research shows that older adults with positive self-perception live, on average, 7 1/2 years longer. How’s that for incentive? Lights, standing, smile. You’re on your way!

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