Born the youngest of three girls, Rogena spent most of her life eager to be older than she was. Her mother died while she was in high school, and she went to live with her grandmother. That experience gave her a positive perspective on aging.

After earning two degrees, she moved from Detroit to central Kentucky where she taught college courses for 14 years. It was there that she began giving motivational talks and workshops, and completed her first book.

Following a divorce, Rogena moved to north Georgia and continued teaching and speaking. She discovered New Thought at Hillside Chapel in Atlanta and was thrilled to find a like-minded community. She attended the Barbara King School of Ministry and was ordained a New Thought minister in 2002.

When she reached her 50s, Rogena became more curious about the process of aging and what it meant on a personal basis. That sent her back to school and, as part of her doctoral dissertation, she interviewed women over 60 from New Thought centers for her study on Spirituality and Aging. Next she completed a certificate program in gerontology and then got a masters in the field. Before she knew it, she had devoted 10 years to learning about aging.

That led to shifting her motivational speaking toward a focus on conscious aging. Her intention is to help people realize their ability to shape their future. Combining research evidence with anecdotes from her own journey, she offers tools for finding greater health, meaning, and joy as we mature. It’s all delivered with humor so you can make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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