Legacy Topics

These Legacy topics have been presented as keynote speeches and breakout sessions or workshops since 1987.

The Power of Choice

Winner or loser. Victim or victor. The choice is yours. The choices you made in the past have brought you where you are right now, and the choices you make today help shape your future. Discover which is the best decision for you, empower yourself to stop making poor choices, and find choices when it seems you have none. Learn to make the choices that will take you in the direction you really want to go.

No Buts About It!

Reach any goal—despite the odds. The biggest barrier between you and your most important goals is…you! Get self-doubt and baseless fears out of the way. Stay focused and learn how to overcome the 4 most common obstacles to success. You’ll be able to to beat procrastination and stay motivated so you can finally achieve your biggest goals.

Are You Right-Side Up?

Does it seem like the world has gone mad? Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Anyone trying to cope with the pressure of juggling rapid change and an impossible schedule will get immediate relief. You’ll identify your triggers, recognize the effects of stress on you, and try out a range of proven strategies so you can remain cool, even in the middle of chaos.


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