A Time to Let Go, a Time to Give Thanks

This is happening a bit too frequently. Once again, someone close to me has made her transition. This time I had the honor of being more involved in the memorial service, as family members all live out of state. Meetings and calls and tasks kept me so busy there was no time to realize the loss until after the service.

I heard some interesting reactions from people. Young friends hurriedly changed the subject. A neighbor suggested all was in Divine order. And an older woman told me that I was selfish to feel sad because “she’s in a better place now.”

Though death has been with us forever, human beings, at least in this country, still have difficulty talking about it in a thoughtful and compassionate way. Too often we lack the words and end up stumbling until those in grief can do nothing but nod and move on.

As I reflect on the lives of friends and family who have passed in the last five years, I become keenly aware of the impact. Each transition took something out of me and for some the emotions were very intense for a very long time. Yet each person’s passing gifted me with a renewed sense of the value of life. With each transition, I became more conscious of the preciousness of my time on Earth.

Michael Gott, senior associate minister at Unity of Houston, wrote the Daily Guides for this month’s Science of Mind Guide for Spiritual Living magazine. His message a few days ago was comforting. While recognizing that life does not end, Rev. Gott pointed out that with each transition we experience loss. Describing how he mourned the passing of his father, he shared how he was grateful for the time they they had together.

So that is what I will focus on. Rather than relive the last painful memories, I will dwell on the years of good times with my friend, Violette. The lessons she taught me. The strength she gave me. Her constant calm and centered demeanor. As she enters her next chapter, I know she’ll continue to spread light and wisdom. Her peaceful presence will be missed, but it lives on in my heart.

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