Make the rest of your life the best of your life—from the inside out

Look younger. Live longer. That’s the promise hyped by countless sellers of products and procedures. But like Dorothy who visited the Land of Oz, you already hold the key—within. Each of us has the power to influence the way we age.

Rogena laughingOur attitude has greater impact on how well and how long we live than smoking, exercise, or genes. Research supports a long-established philosophy that as you change your thoughts, you change your life. Take charge of how you age by taking charge of how you think.

Stop conforming to arbitrary restrictions how_old_would_you_be because of your birth year. Release artificial limits and break the habit of identifying with a number.

The Spanish language suggests a way out. Instead of saying “I am sixty years old,” they say “Tengo sesenta años” which literally translates to “I have 60 years.” I have rather than I am—an important distinction.

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All Grown Up?

When you reach a certain age, you may feel like you’re grown up. You’ve completed your education and passed the stage of life characterized by growth. But the truth is, you grow every day for as long as you live. Even after you’ve gotten as tall as you’ll ever be, you keep growing. Your cells continue to regenerate. Your hair, though …

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Mindfulness and Pain Relief

Pain is something we too often have to live with as we get older. Whatever part of the body it’s radiating from, pain can disrupt sleep, normal activities, and our peace of mind. How can we cope with pain when it hogs all of our attention and seems to take over our life? Last week, I discussed the pain I had in …

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No Matter What

It’s the middle of the night and I wake up in a sudden panic. My feet feel as they are being squeezed in a vice. Am I having foot cramps? Is this a blood flow problem? A symptom of diabetes? My mind races through all kinds of scary scenarios until I am sitting up in bed, panting in fear. Then I …

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End Ageism

Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks as well as writer of several blogs and an in-demand speaker, is an activist leading the fight to end ageism. I’ve discussed her work several times in earlier posts because I find it compelling.  While my focus is on personal strategies for aging well from the inside out, Ashton is a staunch advocate for social …

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You’re Worth It!

When I get a message from three different sources, I tend to pay attention. In a recent issue of O magazine, there was a piece in which Katie Arnold-Ratliff described doing some really dumb things. Instead of agonizing over her blunders, she learned to shrug them off and chalk it up to being part of life. In the Guide for Spiritual …

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Speaking of a Better Age

I attended the Georgia Gerontology Society conference last week, and as in years past, there was lots of inspiration and information shared on how to improve the experience of aging. There were sessions on using technology, self-help wellness programs, and a beautiful and touching look at the realities of living with dementia. There was also a session on spirituality that engaged …

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What Do You Expect?

What’s your life going to look like 10 or 20 years from now? How will your body or relationships or income or capabilities change? Expecting lots of decline and disability? You might be surprised by how things could turn out. A Pew study found a significant difference between what adults expected life over 65 to be like and what people over …

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Having the Last Word

Shirley MacLaine plays the lead in a movie out this spring, “The Last Word.” This movie made me reflect on how I want to be remembered. It’s the story of retired advertising executive Harriet Lauler, who spent her life being critical of everyone she met. A life-long control freak and perfectionist, she strives to be in control of what will go …

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Aging

People are living longer. It’s projected that half of children born today will live past 100. What about you? What can you do to boost your chances for greater health and longer life? There are many common prescriptions offered by the experts. They tell us that regular physical activity can add between 1 and 3 years to your life. So can …

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Coming of Age

I attended a documentary film screening in Atlanta yesterday on living in an aging society. In the first part, a Stanford professor asked a group of college students to describe their lives under two scenarios—as if they would live to age 60 and as if they would live to age 100. Their answers were surprisingly similar. Unable to envision how they …

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