With a longer life before you, how do you want to spend your extra years? Are you tired of the ageist and negative messages in the media? Want to get past the confusing data and limited thinking? As I gave talks and facilitated workshops across the country for 20 years, I noticed changes in my appearance and energy level that I wasn’t happy with. That’s what led me to go back to grad school and learn all I could about aging. I am thrilled with the good news I discovered and want to pass it along.

the joy of aging today!I spent 8 years learning about what’s possible today and what scientists have found that makes the traditional knowledge outdated. Let me share the latest research findings with you and show what they can mean for your life through one of my fun and engaging presentations. If you refuse to become invisible and want real answers you can use to get the most out of this part of your life, check out my new Agewise topics.

There is so much more that you can do now to enhance your health and well-being, yet few people seem to be aware of the results of new scientific studies. I’m not talking about simply changing your diet or exercise habits. I’m talking about working from the inside out. Tap into the power of your mind and begin to transform your life today. Break free from identifying with a number and expand your possibilities. Build a memorable and meaningful experience by shifting your perspective and becoming aware of your ability to thrive at any age.

My new workshop topics are designed to meet your needs now. I would love to present them for your group’s next meeting. It’s time to put aside old notions about being over 50 and grab hold of a brand new outlook. Never mind the stereotypes. You can create and live the life you want with information that wasn’t available just a few years ago. There’s never been a better time to age.

If you are ready for a fresh perspective, if you’re curious about the great things you can expect—let’s get started!

To find out more about workshops presented with a blend of science, practical strategies, and humor, take a look at my AgeWise topics.

While you’re here, check out my blog in which I will share my experiences and what I uncover on a variety of aging issues. Join the conversation.

What you will learn may surprise you. Discover what’s possible for you.

Aging well—it’s an inside job!