Make the rest of your life the best of your life—from the inside out

Look younger. Live longer. That’s the promise hyped by sellers of countless products and procedures. But like Dorothy who visited the Land of Oz, you already hold the key within.

Rogena laughingWhen I first noticed my own signs of aging, I became eager to learn how to maintain my energy and health. I wanted to age well. Two graduate degrees later, I have separated anti-aging myths from scientific evidence and was thrilled to learn each of us has the power to influence the way we age.

Our attitudes and thoughts have a greater impact on how well and how long we live than smoking cigarettes or genetics. Research supports a long-established philosophy that if you change your thoughts you change your life. You can take charge of how you age by taking charge of how you think.

It starts by refusing to conform to arbitrary restrictions tied to your birth year. Don’t squeeze yourself into social expectations. Release artificial limits on what you can do. Stop identifying with a number—that’s for prisoners.

The Spanish language suggests a way out. Instead of saying “I am sixty years old,” they say how_old_would_you_be“Tengo sesenta años” which literally translates to “I have 60 years.” I have rather than I am—an important distinction.

Someone once said, “Age is just a number. Mine is unlisted.” Free yourself from unnecessary constraints. Harness the power of your mind to make the rest of your life the best of your life. The possibilities are endless.

Check out my blog below. See my new Thrive topics. When you’re ready to hold on to your self-confidence, sanity, and sense of humor as you age, you’re just a click away!

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Back to School…Over 50

It’s that time of year. Students everywhere getting ready to go back to school. What about you? Whether it’s that degree you always wanted to or some courses you’d really like to take, going back to school over 50 can be very rewarding. In my 50s, I returned to school to get a PhD, and in my 60s I went back …

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The Fountain of YOU

You’ve heard about the fountain of youth. Legend has it that when Ponce de León left Spain in the early 1500s he was in search of it. Fast-forward to today and a quick perusal of store shelves or magazine ads shows that the search continues. Why the obsession with youth? It has to do with how we view aging—most of us …

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Acting Your Age is Unnecessary

Vital. Healthy. Engaged. If you are interested in these qualities as much as I am, you need to know that they can be yours. It’s largely a matter of changing your mind and not getting stuck on numbers. Ellen Langer, the Harvard researcher who wrote the book Counterclockwise, has completed numerous studies that show that our attitude, beliefs, expectations, and viewpoint …

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A Size Conspiracy?

Last week I wrote about weight gain not simply being a part of aging, but how it could have a lot to do with our emotions and the accumulation of pains over the years. Now I want to present another alternative explanation to the idea that our bodies are expanding. Maybe we aren’t gaining weight after all. I tried on some …

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Dropping Pounds after 50

They say that gaining weight is just a part of getting older. But I’m not convinced. There has to be more to it. I think it may have something to do with an accumulation of pains and regrets over the years, and if emotions can contribute to added pounds, they could be important to dropping unwanted weight. It’s worth a look. …

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How You Feel Matters

How to you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you disgusted by some of the changes you see? Or do you get a sense of pride and gratitude? The way we feel about ourselves as we get older has a major effect on the way we age. More than you may have suspected. So watch those thoughts while gazing. …

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Three Ways to Look Younger Now

Want to take years off your appearance without taking drastic measures or emptying your bank account? Here are three easy tips you can use to turn back the clock. Restore some of your youthful appearance effortlessly. I’m talking about anti-aging tools that work instantly and cost you nothing. Interested? Regain a bit of your youthful appearance by trying these tips:   …

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Conscious Aging

I am an avid reader. Have been all my life. But now, most of the books I am picking up have something to do with aging. My curiosity is insatiable. I want to know as much as possible about what this is that I am experiencing. The hope is that I will find some hints of how to do it better, …

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More on Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Last time, I shared information from a journal article on maintaining brain health for life. It identified 5 areas of your lifestyle that are important to keeping your brain as healthy as possible: physical activity, mental stimulation, spirituality, nutrition, and socialization. This time, I want to focus on mental stimulation as a means to preserve cognitive abilities. With so many brain …

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