Which type of person are you—one who is resigned to growing old and expecting decline and disease…or one who is ready to explore successful aging and define this chapter of life for yourself?

the joy of aging today!After I became a motivational speaker in 1987, I noticed a number of changes in my appearance, mental function, and energy over the years. With all the negative messages and depressing images found in the media, I became concerned. Rather than rushing to jump onto the growing anti-aging bandwagon, I decided to learn all I could about how to age well. My speaking went on the back burner as I spent 8 years in grad school studying and researching successful aging, and now I want to share the best of what I discovered with you through my new Thrive topics.

If you want to know about things you can do to enhance your ability to stay healthy and vital as you age, this is the place. readyforsomegoodnewsThere’s new information that can enable you to push past old, outdated thinking and expand what’s possible for you. If you are curious about how you can delay or protect yourself from certain conditions, if you could use some real answers that are backed up by scientific studies, you’re just a click away.

Check out my new Thrive program. There are three topic areas and each can be presented as a talk or workshop for your next meeting. It’s time to put aside old notions and stereotypes about being over 50. Grab hold of a fresh outlook and pick up the tools needed to transform your experience of aging into a surprisingly positive one. Let’s get started!

While you’re here, check out my blog in which I share my thoughts, experiences, and new information to help you age better.

Ready for some good news about aging? It’s time to thrive!