It’s happening all around you. People are living longer and baby boomers and those to follow are healthier than any previous generation. What to do with all those extra years? How do you know the best way to keep your health and energy?

Those are questions I have explored and researched for the past 8 years. I wanted to understand what I could do to improve my chances for living longer and living well. I interviewed women who were aging successfully and reviewed research studies on a wide range of issues related to aging. What I uncovered may surprise you.

All that I learned I want to share with you so you can benefit from the latest scientific knowledge to develop tools and lifestyle habits that enable you to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

While some people cringe at the thought of getting older, those in the know understand that they can adapt cutting-edge information to create a new, vibrant chapter of life. Discover what’s possible for you. When you get beyond the myths about aging, you find that there’s so much celebrate.

If you’re ready for a fresh perspective, if you’re curious about the great things you can expect in this new stage of life, then take a look around.

I am starting my blog again in which I will share my experiences and what I uncover on a variety of aging issues. You are invited to check out the postsand join the conversation.

If you are looking for a speaker to share insights into how to remain vital and engaged as you age—offered with a blend of humor and practical strategies, take a look at my AgeWise topics.

There’s never been a better time to age!