People are living longer, yet the media continues to bombard you with messages about all of the awful things that come with age. How do you want to spend your extra years? Are you going to fight every change that comes? Are you going to run and hide? Or do you want to stand up and make the most out of this part of your life?

hand-stopI asked myself those questions when I reached my 50s. It seemed a waste to accept all the hype and believe that my best years were behind me. After 8 years of study, I have discovered lots to celebrate about this stage of life. If you’re ready to move past the myths and grab life by the horns, you’re in the right place.

There are a variety of sessions and tools to teach you the many ways you can create a vibrant and exciting new chapter for yourself. Based on cutting-edge research, they clear the clutter of misconceptions and show you how much you can do to not only live longer, but live with greater well-being, energy, and joy. If you are tired of ads and images telling you that something is wrong with being this age, if you are ready for a fresh perspective, if you’re curious about the great things you can expect—let’s get started!

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