Make the rest of your life the best of your life—from the inside out

Look younger. Live longer. That’s the promise hyped by sellers of countless products and procedures. But like Dorothy who visited the Land of Oz, you already hold the key within.

Rogena laughingWhen I first noticed my own signs of aging, I became eager to learn how to maintain my energy and health. I wanted to age well. Two graduate degrees later, I have separated anti-aging myths from scientific evidence and was thrilled to learn each of us has the power to influence the way we age.

Our attitudes and thoughts have a greater impact on how well and how long we live than smoking cigarettes or genetics. Research supports a long-established philosophy that if you change your thoughts you change your life. You can take charge of how you age by taking charge of how you think.

It starts by refusing to conform to arbitrary restrictions how_old_would_you_be tied to your birth year. Don’t squeeze yourself into social expectations. Release artificial limits on what you can do. Stop identifying with a number—that’s for prisoners.

The Spanish language suggests a way out. Instead of saying “I am sixty years old,” they say “Tengo sesenta años” which literally translates to “I have 60 years.” I have rather than I am—an important distinction.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Check out my blog below. See my new Thrive topics. If you’re ready to hold on to your self-confidence, sanity, and sense of humor while you grow up, you’re just a click away!

Sleep for a Better Age

There are many things we can do to enhance our well-being and improve (or at least maintain) our health as we age. After all, how we age depends primarily on our behaviors, habits, and lifestyle. One important part of our daily lives impacts us in so many ways that it deserves serious consideration. I’m talking about sleep. Our culture celebrates the …

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When Tragedy Strikes

When there is a frightening event like the attacks in Paris two days ago, I find myself doing what I do when tragedy strikes closer to home. After I hear that a loved one died or a bad diagnosis is received, my first reaction is shock. That is followed by deep sadness and a sense of helplessness. But I don’t stay …

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An Anti-Ageism Activist

You’ve probably heard of Ashton Kutcher, the actor who replaced Charlie Sheen in the TV show “Two and a half Men” and was formerly married to Demi Moore and recently married Mila Kunis. I want to introduce you to another Ashton (this one’s a woman). Ashton Applewhite is an anti-ageism writer and activist. She writes a thought-provoking blog called This Chair …

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Passion and Longevity

When we conjure up an image of what it’s like to be living at an advanced age, too often that image is clouded by thoughts of decline and limitation. Too often we are restricted in what we imagine is possible. I encourage you to break through that narrow view by seeing the incredible things people are doing—at every age. The more …

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Don’t Buy into the Hype

As the youngest of three daughters, I have always looked forward to growing older. When my sisters got to stay up and watch “The Twilight Zone,” I was upset that I had to go to bed. Once they got their driver’s license, I grew impatient for my turn. Now I find that wanting to be older than I was has actually …

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Do Your Thing

The song “Do Your Thing” has been produced by many artists with a variety of lyrics and music. My favorite version came from Isaac Hayes (with an incredible guitar solo). His rendition became part of the soundtrack of my early campus life. The message persuades listeners to step off of the rigid path laid out by society and find what works …

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Try Something New

Years ago I had a newsletter that I gave out to audience members. It was printed on glossy 17 X 11 paper that was folded in half to make four pages. There was a main article, a letter to the reader, a shorter piece or quiz or list, and news about upcoming events. I handed it out at speaking engagements and …

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What Can a Positive Outlook Do?

Last week, I gave a talk on the power of belief to the Greater Atlanta chapter of the National Aging in Place Council. My message was based on numerous studies and books I have read on the subject. Here’s one such book I found interesting. In UP: How Positive Outlook Can Transform Our Health and Aging, Dr. Hilary Tindle describes how …

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The Power of Belief

What if you could choose your aging experience? Research is providing exciting evidence that we hold the key to aging well and living longer. There is nothing to go out and buy, because it’s all in your mind. It comes down to what you believe. Your beliefs have a great deal to do with how you age. They can contribute to …

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Living Well Program

I just completed a training course to become certified as a lay leader of an evidence-based Living Well program called the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP). This program was developed by the School of Medicine at Stanford University to provide people living with chronic conditions tools and strategies to improve their quality of life. The Centers for Disease Control conducted a …

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