Make the rest of your life the best of your life—from the inside out

Look younger. Live longer. That’s the promise hyped by sellers of countless products and procedures. But like Dorothy who visited the Land of Oz, you already hold the key within. Each of us has the power to influence the way we age.

Rogena laughingOur attitudes and thoughts have a greater impact on how well and how long we live than smoking or genetics. Research supports a long-established philosophy that if you change your thoughts you change your life. You can take charge of how you age by taking charge of how you think.

It starts by refusing to conform to arbitrary restrictions how_old_would_you_be tied to your birth year. Don’t squeeze yourself into social expectations. Release artificial limits on what you can do. Stop identifying with a number—that’s for prisoners.

The Spanish language suggests a way out. Instead of saying “I am sixty years old,” they say “Tengo sesenta años” which literally translates to “I have 60 years.” I have rather than I am—an important distinction.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Check out my blog below. See my new Thrive topics. If you’re ready to hold on to your self-confidence, sanity, and sense of humor while you continue to grow up, you’re just a click away!

Food Determines Health

More than 30 years ago, I found a lump in my breast and went to my ob/gyn. She sent me to a surgeon who aspirated and ordered mammography every few months. More lumps occurred. Then a friend recommended I see a top cancer specialist, but what he did surprised me. Instead of more needles or tests, he examined me and interviewed …

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The Invasion of Social Media

I was flipping through the May issue of O magazine which features a cover story about social media. Before I knew it, I started to feel like a victim in a horror movie. While I pride myself on staying current with technology, this is one area that has sent me screaming in terror and running away, despite its huge popularity. First …

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A Word about Aging

Not everyone is fascinated with the topic of aging the way I am. But what I find amazing is the way people disassociate themselves from it. As if aging is something to avoid or that only happens to other people. Sometimes a person will see my business card with Don’t Act Your Age across the top and quickly say they know …

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Many of us grew up with the story of Peter Pan, the mythical boy who could fly and would never grow up. It was one of many images that seared into our subconscious the idea that to stay young forever was ideal. Now that we are adults, anti-aging seems all the rage. There are hundreds of products advertised every day, each …

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The Elephant in the Room

Last week, I attended an Alzheimer’s Association conference. The keynote speaker was Peter V. Rabins, MD from Johns Hopkins and the breakout sessions were facilitated by professionals from across the region. Although I studied Alzheimer’s in my gerontology courses, I was curious to learn about the latest in medical research and social support. There was lots of information about hopeful treatments …

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Oh, Say Can You See?

Over the past several years, my vision had been deteriorating. It became harder to see television, street signs, or book pages clearly. And looking at my computer screen was the worst. Since I work all day at my computer that was a problem. Was this because of my age? I get my eyes checked regularly but the last two sets of …

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Live Longer or Live Fuller?

My newsletter this month discussed ways you might be aging faster than you want. Beyond common culprits like smoking (which can cause premature wrinkling, yellowing of teeth, and damage to the lungs and cardiovascular system), there are less obvious things that could be speeding up your aging process. I try to avoid lifestyle habits that might make me age more quickly …

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The Face of Love

I’m always on the lookout for movies that portray older adults in meaningful and positive ways. The 2013 film “The Face of Love” starring Annette Bening, Ed Harris, and Robin Williams is an unusual love story. While some film critics blasted the picture for its macabre storyline, I found the movie to have three important messages for mature viewers. One insight …

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Changing the Conversation about Aging

Jo Ann Jenkins, the CEO of AARP, has a new contribution to the movement to change the way we think and talk about aging. Her book, Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age, is coming out in April and readers of the AARP magazine got a preview of its message. In the article, Jenkins …

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Savvy Seniors

I had the privilege of being a guest on the “Savvy Seniors” radio program this week. It is hosted by Karen Nelson from the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, the designated Area Agency on Aging for my neck of the woods. The weekly talk show features interviews with people on a wide variety of topics of interest to older adults. Since I’m …

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