Time for Change

Last week, the autumn equinox marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. As if right on cue, the black gum trees on one side of my house began covering the lawn with red and orange leaves. The oak, hickory and maple will begin dropping theirs next month. This seasonal shift in in color serves to remind me of the only constant in life—change.

Like many people, I’ve often resisted change. It’s a hassle to leave my comfort zone. Yet as I look outside, I can see that change is coming, no matter what. So it makes sense to become more accepting of and comfortable with change. That can only make it easier to move through it. With each leaf that floats onto the grass, I know they will leave me with a clearer view of the stars at night. And as I surrender to change in my body and my life, I can look forward to greater clarity and peace.

A message I wrote in a 1996 newsletter resonates with me today: What are you holding onto that is no longer good for you? Is it a relationship that’s going nowhere? A job you’ve outgrown? Things in your home that take up space but bring you no joy? Fall is a good time to clean out the closets, both in our home and in our mind.

Maybe I’ll clear out the negative self-talk that stirs up so much doubt. And the same goes for the fear that gets in the way of what I most want to do. I know change can be scary, but without it there’s no growth.

Maybe I’ll also stop complaining about some of the changes in my body. Trying to hang onto a youthful appearance is not only exhausting, it’s futile. And it makes it harder for me to appreciate the benefits that come along with this stage of life.

So I let out a deep breath and commit to following the example of the trees outside my window. As the leaves change color and drop, I can change some habits and drop patterns that do not serve me well. If I don’t resist, I can simply allow. Which makes it easier to step into the flow of life. Here’s to some spectacular and beautiful changes ahead.

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