Right Now is the Right Time

now-is-the-timeNever mind how many years you have been alive. Forget about what you did yesterday. The past has no power over you, unless you allow it. You don’t have to be restricted by what you have done before. You are not defined by who you used to be.

Stop worrying about your future. Drop the habit of imagining possible horrors or trouble ahead. None of it has happened and none of it may happen. The only thing that is real is right now.

In this moment you have the power to create the life you want. Only right now. Take a breath. As you release it, feel the air leaving your lungs. Notice how your body feels. Pay close attention to any part that is tight or tense. Breathe in, deeply and slowly. Breathe out. Be thankful you are alive.

Too many of us run away from our lives without realizing it. We fret over what happened before. We terrorize ourselves over what might happen next. We spend most of our time in the past or the future. All the while, we are missing out on our life, which is happening right now.

The more we can bring our attention to the present moment, the more fully we begin to live. The more we notice where we are and how we are, the richer our experience of life. It takes effort, but it’s worth practicing, because the only place you have power is in the present moment. The only time you can create or change things is right now. As long as you remain stuck in memories or lost in futurescapes, you forfeit your ability to shape your life.

Whatever you desire, right now is the time to make a move. Whatever your hopes, this moment is the time to take a step. Right now is the right time to take your life in the direction you really want to go.

Take a breath. Slowly let it out. Choose to be alive in this moment. Focus on the faces and places around you. Listen to the sounds coming to your ears. Feel the longings of your heart. Don’t wait until you have all your ducks in a row. Right now is the right time.

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