Oh, Say Can You See?

eyeglasses on woman red2Over the past several years, my vision had been deteriorating. It became harder to see television, street signs, or book pages clearly. And looking at my computer screen was the worst. Since I work all day at my computer that was a problem. Was this because of my age?

I get my eyes checked regularly but the last two sets of lenses didn’t seem to help. Despite new prescriptions and high-end lenses, nothing was giving me vision as sharp as it used to be. It was getting harder to function. Was this the best I could expect? Was there an underlying condition I needed to worry about?

I considered some of the usual suspects. I’ve had friends who dealt with cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Some conditions required a simple fix while others dramatically changed lives. I decided it was time to get a second opinion.

The new optometrist didn’t have as much fancy technology, but she gave me a thorough exam. And she did something no one had done before. While peering into my right eye with her gizmo and a bright light, she had me blink several times and then keep my eye open for 10 seconds. Then she repeated it in the left eye.

When the exam was over, she put a clunky metal and glass contraption on my face so I could see what the new prescription for distance and reading lenses would do. For the first time in years, I was able to see clearly and things were sharp both close up and at a distance. That was a relief.

Then she told me that she’d tested my eye evaporation rate and found that I had dry eyes. I’d never noticed any symptoms, but after putting in the first few drops later that day, my eyes felt such a soothing sensation that I decided to keep up the regimen.

For a long time I’ve made fun of TV commercials about “chronic dry eye.” It seemed like a ruse to get people to take more medications. Now I’m reconsidering. In the meantime, I’m excited to be able to see clearly again and relieved to know that the right change in vision prescription and some over-the-counter eye drops could make such a difference. Seeing is believing!


  1. WOW, YOU! Congratulations! I know well the euphoria of being able to see clearly. The solution for me proved to be cataract surgery last Nov-Dec. Now I “get” what the fuss is about high definition TV! And I am 20-20 for distance vision. Transition progressive bifocals have proven to be a perfect solution for me. No hunting for glasses (for reading or sunlight); they are on my face.

    GLAD your solution was simpler. It’s not always about age! (But so-what if it is?)

    • BG, we’ve had many conversations about eyeglasses over the years. Now that several weeks have past, I’m thrilled to report that I can actually read with my glasses on—for the first time since I started wearing progressive lenses! In addition, the drops for dry eye stopped the “white clouds” moving in and out of my vision. I may need cataract surgery down the road, but having the right prescription and the drops has made a dramatic difference now. You’re right. It’s NOT always about age!

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