Passion and Longevity

follies dancerWhen we conjure up an image of what it’s like to be living at an advanced age, too often that image is clouded by thoughts of decline and limitation. Too often we are restricted in what we imagine is possible. I encourage you to break through that narrow view by seeing the incredible things people are doing—at every age. The more you encounter vibrant examples of aging, the easier it is to envision broader possibilities for yourself.

Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, I was searching for material on giving thanks. I came across an interesting series of film shorts created by Louie Schwartzberg. They are called “Gratitude Revealed” and through images and messages, he takes the viewer on a journey that inspires. You can see all 12 of the “Gratitude Revealed” videos on his website.

One of the 12 videos is called Purpose. The message is that a key secret to longevity is doing what you love with passion. This short film features dancers who perform 10 shows a week on stage. They are doing kicks, flips, splits, and more. Each demonstrates flexibility, stamina, and strength—far from the typical image of people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Watching them doing such demanding work with joy reminds me that being of a certain age can mean much more than what we typically imagine. Find what you are passionate about. It could be the key to living a richer and longer life.

See the Purpose video here.

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